Hey, guys, and welcome to my blog.

This blog is mainly going to be about my missions. I might powder it with articles on different topics if it makes sense.

I will run my missions from these manuals. They are split into “strategic” and “tactical” manuals, with the strategic manuals driving the tactical day-to-day stuff.

I’ve been slacking on health this summer, exactly as planned. I went to the gym for the first time in months today, doing bench, standing row and squat. I’ll be tracking my progress in terms of kilograms in Evernote (unless I find something better for Windows Phone), so I won’t bore you with droning on about progress. I’d rather create a post at the end of the current period, which spans from today until the 20th of September.

I met with the director and one of the actors/producers of the movie Siste Skrik (link goes to IMDb-page) today, and apparently my good friend Mads Larsen has penned me into the script acting as none other than myself; COCPORN. I just finished reading the script an hour ago, and it has several really funny (and awkward) laugh-out-loud moments and I think it can turn out pretty good if executed correctly.

I have no formal education nor experience with acting, so I’ll be blogging about this as well. It’s no huge part, but it is of substance. I have lines. And a semi-nude scene (I would expect nothing less from Mads Larsen, he seizes any opportunity to see some skin, doesn’t matter who it belongs to).

I’ll be getting a couple of books on the subject and if it contains material that I consider generally interesting, I’ll share.

I do have two calendars printed out to support my daily system, I’ll hang them in the corner of my living room; my command center.

I will also decide on value events tonight and start doing The Mental Bank system, check out a free video introduction in the link and ask me any questions you might have about it.

I will incorporate a daily Triple Win system into the Mental Bank and see how that works.

I’ll talk to you soon!